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1927 Ford Touring. America's Most Beautiful Roadster Contender 60th Grand National Roadster Show Pomona CA . On display at the Petersen Museum in the Bruce Meyer Gallery.
                       Powered by a Reid's Automotive Built 437 ci Buick Nailhead.
                                                                                                                                                                            Click on Links Below Magazine Covers for Full Story.
Next Generation Hot Rod Enthusiasts
Herb Schlafman's 39' Sutphen Speed Boat with two 604 Cubic Inch                  Supercharged Engines Built by Reid's Automotive

Jim Reid Jr
Dennis Dorgan
Fred & Dianna Wood
Kim Vranas' Voodoo Doll
Chuck Vranas' Lady Luck II 1923 T-Bucket
Don Liolios
Mike Searcy
Ron Pomerleau
Jim Foley NHRA/IHRA Stock
Stock Ford 302 Race Engine
Stock GM 305 Race Engine
Jim Reid Jr. NHRA/IHRA Stock
Bobby D's 1933 Fiat Balilla
Gene Monahan NHRA/IHRA Stock
Bob Johnson's 57 Chevy
421 ci Blown Small Block Chevy
Tom McDermott's 55 Chevy
598 ci Big Block Chevy
Pete Murphy
Al Jennette's Lightning
Supercharged 5.4 Ford Lightning
614 ci Injected Big Block Chevy
Tom McDermott
Steve Negrini NHRA/IHRA Super Stock
Ryan Ondejko Super Gas Corvette
Jeremy Baker
Frank Colaneri's Funny Car
Ed Bloom's Super Stock Trans Am
The King of England - Jim Tiller's Allard
Bob Don - N/SA NHRA Stock

Walter Schulz's Dodge Truck (He's owned for over 55 years)
Bob Salemi's 1992 Jeep Comanche R/SA
          #1 Qualifier D1 LODRS 2014